In order to get started with Genesis2D, you must first download the latest version from the forum's Download section. After downloading and installing the engine, proceed to the instructions below.


After installing, you should have 3 icons on your desktop: Client, Server, and XGE. The first step is to register your server. Run the server and check the status light on the right side.

The starting screen of the G2D server

If the light is green, then you were able to connect to the Matrix Server.

Click the New Account button to create a new account. Enter all the necessary information. This information must be accurate, as this is how the development team will identify and contact you for your registration details. After creating your account, you can now log in, using the username and password you just provided. You can then request a registration key which will be sent to the email you used to create your account. After you enter your registration key, you will be able to start your server, either live or in Offline Mode.

Creating an Administrator Account

While your server is running, run the Client. Once it loads, you will be able to choose 3 different servers.

The client's Main Menu

Click on one of them. By default, they all connect to your local server. At the main menu, choose New Account at the bottom of the screen and enter the necessary information. You will then be able to log in to your server and see the Character Selection screen. Each account can have up to 3 characters. Double-click on one of the empty boxes to create a character in that slot. After creating your character, double-click that character to join the game.

With the client still running, switch back to your server. Click the Player Control button and select your character from the player list. Click the Admin Access button and set your access as high as you want (anything higher than 4 does not add any new powers). Your character can now move faster, and you can use any of the Admin Commands.

Editing your game

In your server, click the Server Config button. Look for the XGE Username and Password boxes. Enter a username and password then click Apply. This will be the master password used to edit your game. You should not give this information to anyone!

Once your password is set you can log in to the XGE. Run the XGE, enter the master username and password, then click the Key icon to log in. From there you can use any of the engine's Editors to customize your game.